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The word ‘kullhad’ means a mud cup. One that is made by a potter on a wheel. (S)He then sells it to a vendor or a consumer. The vendor or the consumer then further uses or sells it, augmented with a product. The mud cup might either be reused or destroyed, with absolutely no adverse ecological impact. This in essence is a holistic symbol of sustainable value creation without depleting any resources or constricting profitability!

The gravest of challenges in the country and globally is one of sustainability, grassroots innovation and branding as a core strategic issue for businesses in the 21st century. Structured broadly into three parts:

Why sustainability, grassroots innovation and branding have become an indispensable part of business lexicon?

This includes the difference between producers’ and consumers’ economy

What should sustainability, innovation, product strategy and branding mean for businesses?

Philosophical basis of culture & businesses – Philosophy of the Swastika

  • How the philosophy has been used in the biggest of Hollywood blockbusters and the best of innovations, yet the grassroots businesses stay clueless
  • Yogic philosophy – Steve Jobs was a Yantrik Yogi while Vivekananda an Aantrik Yogi
  • New Products, New Markets
  • New Sources of Supply
  • New Ways of Organizing Business

How can businesses become sustainability champions, continuously Innovating while increasing market share and profitability?

This and much more information for Kautilya Candidates available.

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